Trucking – Inland Services

We have been able to build expertise and a strong network, which allows us to offer the best ground transportation services available on the market. We can cover any warehouse, airport, port or destination within the country. With updated tracking software based on data analysis and information-based management, we provide reliable tracking services to ensure fast and efficient delivery of your road shipments.


Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

This type of shipping is for you if you do not have enough goods to fill a complete truck, we will ensure a secure consolidation to ship your products with others. This is the same process as for ocean freight. This is a cost-effective option that allows you to move your goods quickly and inexpensively to the agreed final destination.

Full Trucking Load (FTL)

Unlike LTL, this type of shipping is for you if you have enough goods to fill a complete truck, or if you do not want your goods to travel with others. We will move your cargo directly from point A to point B. This option is faster and more efficient because we do not have to sort your products from other customers’ shipments.

The smallest consignments in vans

For smaller parcels, we have set up a new service: if you need to carry your small goods across the country, or if you need large cargo goods quickly delivered to any city in Indonesia, our vans are perfectly adapted.

Rail and intermodal transport

We also provide rail freight within Indonesia or to neighboring countries. This type of shipment requires intermodal transportation services to transport your goods to the loading dock. This is why road freight is also involved. We are specialized in this type of pre-routing services in Indonesia.

Refrigerated trucks

We can even handle all the difficult expeditions you may have. If your goods need to be shipped in refrigerated trucks, whether you need to ship under the gel, at a cool temperature or at a specific humidity level, we have a solution for you.

Van and heavy goods transport

Another difficult type of shipping that we are used to handling is the heavy goods service. Whether you need to ship oversized products, heavy items or machinery, our flatbed trucks and heavy haul trucks are made for this type of shipment. We are experts in this type of expedition, relying on the expertise of our staff dedicated to Project Cargo. We will find the best logistics solution for your specific requests.